Stories articles about Lindeman Power Equipment Co., from or about Lindeman Crawlers owners and their restorations along with articles that I thought were relevant or interesting.

Boolet part 1

Booklet given to employees and customers in 1946. Part 1

Part 2 Booklet

Part 2

August 2008 GE

August 1983,Gene Brady’s interview and story for Gas Engine. “Reminising with Jesse Lindeman”

#4 2Cyl

#4 “1987” Two Cylinder News Letter. Model “D” Lindeman Test

May-June 1989 2Cyl

May-June 1989, “BO” Specifications










May 1989 GM

May 1989, article on “A History of the John Deere Industrial Equipment Division” by Brian Alm, for Green Magazine had the acquisition of Lindeman, which gave Deere entry into the crawler field.

September - October 1992, 2Cyl

September – October 1992, A Goodbye to Jesse

Good Fruit Grower

Good Fruit Grower – Lindeman’s 1940 crawler makes BIG TRACKS at equipment show

January 1993 2Cyl

January – February 1993 – In the winter of 1992, shortly after Jesse passed away Jack Cherry and Dave Trumbauer from the Two-Cylinder Magazine, came to Yakima and gathered information for a complete Magazine dedicated to Jesse, his brothers and their crawlers.

Washington Farmer

Northwest Rotary Tiller















Northwest Rotary Tiller

Northwest Rotary Tiller

1993, History JD by Randy Leffingwell

1993, History of the John Deere Tractors by Randy Leffin

March 1998, GM

March 1998, A brief history of the JD crawlers by J.R. Hobbs

March 1999 GM

March 1999, Vacation pays off.. Crawler discovered during Hawaii trip, by Tod (writer), Ann (typist), Duane and Laurie Poach Monticello, MN









September 1999 GM

September 1999, “BO” Lindeman Crawler toy has fine features, also flaws. by Bill Proft.

June 1999 GM

June 1999, A retired nuclear engineer and John Deer tractors. by Frank Busch Morgan Hill

December 2000 GM

December 2000 Booklet helps explain John Deere part numbers. by Greg Stephen

December 2001, GM

December 2001, Has anyone seen this hitch? by Alan A. Wheel

March 2003 GM

March 2003, Parts Transfer List provides info from Deere’s past. by Greg Stephen









November 2003 FC

November 2003, Farm Collector “Long Live Lindeman” by Jason B. Harmon an article on Terry Wachtman and his “BO” Lindeman Crawler.

January 2004 GM

January 2004, Model “M” It’s featured Quik-Tach system, plus new comforts for operator. by Richard Hain

February 2004 GM

February 2004, “Preserving the past, one piece at a time”, Bob Smythe’s story about the reproduction of a “DI” Lindeman Crawler.

June 2005 GM

June 2005, “Story of a BI” How the BI Lindeman was found and restored to its glory day of demoing for the Military them where it went until it was restored by Bob Smythe. It is now in the personal collection of Darold Sindt in Keystone, IA.

September 2005 GM

September 2005, Who is Charles Deere Wiman?















May - June 2007 2Cyl

May – June 2007, Model “B”

November 2007 TM

November 2007, “One Owner’s Story” Tractor & Machinery, martin Shelley talks to Gina Harvey about his rare JD Lindeman BO.

November 2007 AP

November 2007, “Electrified” in the Antique Power and again in the Antique Power’s “Best of John Deere”, Ray Hoffman’s interview with Bill Pride on how and why he electrified his Lindeman.

July - August 2008 2Cyl

July – August 2008, John Deere Orchard Tractor

December 2008 GM

December 2008, Romantic Weekend by Howard Yoder











May - June 2009 2Cyl

May – June 2009, John Deere Two-Cylinder Crawler Tractors


Jesse was very proud that his company was mentioned in this magazine.

Warren's Story

Warren’s Story “Mister John Deere”, Roger Hamlin’s visit with Warren Startford on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand.


News for the John Deere Collectors

A very Special Lindeman Crawler

A very Special Lindeman Crawler









Book by Finn

A History Book written by the great grandson of Joe Lindeman


October 2010, A trip through the Wico “C” magneto. by Ron and Joanne O’Neill

Lindeman Wrenches

Lindeman Wrenches

Cass Flagg

Were the tractors as cheep as you thought back then, compare it’s price then and in 2007. by Cass Flagg and Hyler Bracey Taylorsville, GA

Mag. Repair

Restoration Basics of a Magneto by Dan Brotzman in 1995











Paper - Work

Paper work to buy a Lindeman Crawler in 1945.

Proto Type GPO

The First John Deere GPO, built by the Lindeman Brothers in 1929.














Missoula News







Iron Horse Power

Iron Horse Power









2Cyl @ Missoula, MT

2Cyl @ Missoula, MT