Lindeman – Serial Numbers

First and last serial numbers also the numbers of the
Lindeman BO Crawlers that we have located.

Chassis Shipped

Note: If you notice “BO 326109” the very first Lindeman is not shown and was shipped on May 2, 1936 and wasn’t until a year later that more chassis were ordered also note there were no chassis shipped in 1942. The war was going and the government stopped all tractor manufacturing. Jesse had to go to the war board and get permission for JD to make the chassis so he could build the Lindeman Crawlers to help farm and grow food for the troops. JD could not start the production line for a small amount so LPE Co. had to order 500 chassis. JD would build all 500 then ship as needed.  See freeze order below.

Freeze Order

Freeze Order

Searial # Location

Hard to read serial #

Hard to read serial

Starting Serial Numbers by Year

BO Page 1 26109 (5-2-36) through 333859 (8-30-44)
BO Page 2 333860 (9-1-44) through 335788 (12-14-45)
BO Page 3 335797 (1-8-46) through 336350 (6-28-46)
BO Page 4 336360 (7-15-46) through 337345 (1-15-47)
GPO Page 5 GP 209162 (7-26-29 – GPO 1499 (7-18-30)
through GP 404058 (3-9-31) – GPO 15706 (4-1-35)

Crawler Location Map  This will give a visual perspective of the Lindeman Crawler locations from the pages above.

Please share your serial number with the world!  E-mail me or go to the contact page, fill out the form with your name, address, (phone number, photo not required but helpful) and I will add it to our list of surviving BO Lindeman Crawlers. When you submit your serial number, I will ship to you free of charge a copy of The Lindeman Story and Beyond DVD  along with a certificate with any information we have on your Lindeman Crawler (i.e., ship date from John Deere and any previous owners that I have listed in the archives).