News Cast

      Below are links to scanned versions of the original News Cast papers that were produced. They are in PDF format and therefore you will need the Adobe Reader or something similar like Foxit Reader which are both completely free of charge in order to access these files.


Volume 1, Number 1  March 1945 – What will you call it?
Volume 1, Number 2  April 1945 – Two Hundred Forty-One Names Entered Contest.
Volume 1, Number 3  May 1945 – “Lab” Checks Quality Of Lindeman Products.
Volume 1, Number 4  June 1945 – Steel Foundry Serves War – Makes Peace Jobs.
Volume 1, Number 5  July 1945 – Lindeman Pattern Shop Licks Tough Problems.
Volume 1, Number 6  November 1945 – Crunkleton – Henderson Relate Luzon Experiences.
Volume 1, Number 7  December 1945
Volume 1, Number 8  January 1946 – Ray Gaskin, Old-Timer At Lindeman’s Dies.
Volume 1, Number 9  February 1946 – Thirty-Eight New Employees Join L.P.E. In February.


I am missing the No. 7 News Cast of Volume 1. If anyone has a copy that I may use, it would be greatly appreciated! These copies above are all that I could find and I don’t know if any more were printed. If anyone knows, please let me hear from you!

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