BO Crawler

BO Chassis  While Deere production of tractors was practically shut down during World War ll, they were able to get priority from the War Production Board for these tractors, which allowed Deere produce the chassis. Jesse had to place an order for five hundred of the chassis, John Deere would run the complete order and ship them as they were needed. By this time they had become manufacturers as well as retail tractor dealers with Disc Harrow, Furrowers, Brush flake, Trailers, Sprayers, etc. Once the war was over, the little Lindeman Crawler really took off. They even had to put in a RR spur line and a new loading dock. John Deere would send 30 chassis on a railroad car. A total of approximately 1675 chassis were shipped to be made into Lindeman Crawlers. There were more then that built because a kit was sold to convert a wheel BO into a crawler. Even though they were busy with all the crawler business, they would still listen to the customer and build what was needed even if it wasn’t going on a John Deere.

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