Jane, Jesse’s wife, knew that Jesse wanted to get back to work and she wanted him from under foot so she suggested that he and his son and grandson do what he had been thinking and talking about. He went to the scrap yard and bought all the hitch parts he could find, using them to start Lindex Company. After Jesse had established Lindex, he contacted the dealers he had before, letting them know the hitch was available. One of the dealers was “Tenco Tractor” of Sacramento, CA. When one of the first Challenger 65 tractors was being tested there, it was having problems with steering with the implement in the ground. Wes McKeen (Tencos’ main salesman)who was well familiar with the Lindex hitch, told Pat Shook, the Caterpillar engineer who was doing the testing, about the Lindex hitch and he contacted Jesse. Jesse jumped at the chance to work on a new project especially this one. He had read all about the rubber tracked CAT and had said that if that type rubber had been available when he built the BO Crawler he would have used it also. Caterpillar had the drawings and a Challenger 65 sent out. This was in 1987 when Jesse was 88 years young. As he told me more then once “this is my golf game”. Obviously he loved it.

Lindex HitchLindex









Jim Yancy
Cooney Creek farm
Pedro, Ohio

Wrote “here are some pictures of my little D3b with the 1,000 rpm Lindeman PTO and category 3/4  Three Point.   The Brown is really too heavy for the D3B. I want to get a D4 or D5 with the Three Point and a 540 PTO.”  He is very satisfied with the hitch and PTO but needs more power to run the tree cutter.  As you can see in the photos the hitch is well used and withstanding the punishment.