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Loaded and ready to work

BI Lindeman

Jesse, Harry, Ross and Joe

First DI Lindeman

NW Bedder



Ted Color Caicture DrawingI have added a new page called Lindeman Patents.  Feel free to download and enjoy.  If you notice that even after John Deere bought Lindeman Power that the patents were still in Jesse’s name.


Ted Color Caicture Drawing



A BR Lindeman for sale on the Parts & Crawler Page. Plus more field tested parts have been added to the parts page thanks to Bob Smythe,  there may be a part you have been looking high and low for.

My Caricature is by

New Old brochures and manuals coming soon.

To Do StackI had a comment from Jon Hubert asking for more information, brochures on the Lindex Hitch and PTO built for the John Deere Model G.  Looking through files and piles of archives I found a lot more fliers, stories and manuals that I will try to get scanned and uploaded to the proper page.  So please come back to check them often.  If you have any questions do ask because you can see that Jon’s got me of my duff and back to adding more new OLD information.  I will be starting with Lindeman Power then Northwest Equipment and then Lindex.  I am sure that it will not end after that, the more I look the more I find that should be sheared with you.

Four more Lindemans for sale.

A rare 82″ wide, Early Flat Back with blade, and two  60″ standard models.
More information on Parts Page.