Last Road Trip!

At The American Thresherman Association in  Pinckneyville, Illinois.

From left to right — Nat Tritt – Georgia, Crawlermike – Illinois, Steven Lee Walters Jr. – New Jersey, Steven Walters – New Jersey, Mark Berkel – Illinois, Ted Adams – Washington, Mike Adams – Washington, Leigh Smith – Tennessee, Richard Smith – Tennessee, Timothy Milburn – Georgia, Howard Yoder – Ohio, Terry Wachtman – Ohio,  Mat Tornetto – Missouri not pictured.

I want to thank Michael Timmons Jr. (Crawlermike) for inviting me and The American Thresherman Association in  Pinckneyville, Illinois for allowing me to bring my Lindeman Archives Modile Museum to their great show.  I was going to retire it but with the response that it had I am having second thoughts. These Lindeman enthusiast are the greatest. My son Mike and I were on our way from Washington and had vehicle problems in Davenport, IA. I called Crawlermike and he put together a group to rescue us. They drove all the way from Pinckneyville with two rigs and a trailer to hall my truck and trailer back down to the show.  We arrived in time to set up for the show.  Then these amazing guys and the rest of the Lindeman owners spent their time brainstorming and fixing my truck.  We were back on the road.  Then another problem, that ending up being contaminated fuel.  Again thanks to Crawlermike and Karl Jansen and all the hard work that my new found friends did, we made it home.  Yes it is time to get a new rig if I am going to continue to show the Archives.  Thank all of you I am in your debt.