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  1. Randy says:

    Thank you so much, i have a plow that I was able finally able to get information on due only to this site .

  2. Bryan West says:

    Hey there, I’m not a Lindeman collector but I admire these machines! In fact, I am one of thousands of people who love all makes and models of farming equipment and marvel at the engineering that went into them. Thanks for your effort to keep the memory of this company alive.

  3. Eric Joel says:

    Hi Ted

    You wouldn’t happen to have a list of serial numbers available that would tell me if my MC no. 10022 was assembled at the Lindeman plant and also if anyone would know the serial no. of the oldest MC that is still in operation.

    Thank you

    • Ted E. says:

      Sorry Eric but I have no records of the MC crawlers. With that low of a serial number I would think it was assembled at the Lindeman plant here in Yakima. You could check with the Two-Cylinder magazine, they are able to access the JD archives and find out for you. As for the oldest one in operation I would think yours is sure in the running. Sorry I could not be of more help.

  4. John Rich says:

    I recently purchased a 1944 Lindeman crawler and wonder if there is any kit or way to install an electrical starter?

    • Ted E. says:

      Hi John and welcome to becoming a Lindeman owner. First off please send me your serial # along with your mailing address and I will in return send you a certificate with any information I have on your Crawler and a DVD of the Lindeman Story and Beyond. Send it to There are no kits around that I know of. What I think you will have to do is find a BO with the starter and get it along with the flywheel, then find someone that has a Electric Start Lindeman and talk them into letting you barrow TE67 Cross Member Bushing and have one cast at a local foundry. One place you could start looking is with Lavoy Wilcox @ or Lavoy may be able to help.

  5. PHIL SILVA says:

    Beautiful BI LENDEMEN with vdozer.

  6. Josh says:

    Hi Ted! I love your website. I have a Lindeman that is in need of a few parts. I was told a gentleman that used to have a very large collection of Lindeman’s might still have some parts. Could you possibly email me his contact info? Thank you so much!

    • Ted E. says:

      Hi Josh; His name is Bob Smythe, but the last time I talked to him he had very few pars left. Most of the extra parts went with the Lindeman Crawlers when he sold them to Polk a few years back.

  7. steve shugart says:

    I’m curious about the THYS hop pickers? any info on them and if they still exist?

    • Ted E. says:

      There aren’t any of the Thys hop pickers still working but you still see them setting in the unused machinery at some of the hop ranches. There is one at the local Ag museum here in Yakima. You can find a PDF of it on the manuals page and down load it if you would like too. It was quite a machine.

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