I need more of your ideas.


Ted Caicture Drawing b

“Who is Ted Adams”  I need your ideas of what you would like to see next.  I have added stories, brochures, manual and have more to go but I would like to add what you are wanting to see. Write a comment or e-mail me at www.lindemanbo@yahoo.com with your ideas and I will do my best to find and add the information.

Sketch by Jim Lisk

4 Responses to I need more of your ideas.

  1. Ron Turner says:

    Did Lindeman convert any other tractor than Deere?

    • Ted E. says:

      I haven’t ran across any photos of any other conversions that Jesse did, I am sure that if he did do any that he would have documented them on film for sales purposes.

  2. Ted, I want to thank you for ALL OF YOUR WORK in putting up such a FANTASTIC site with so many pictures of the LINDERMAN crawler….The pictures of the “D” are priceless…I have heard of the “D”being converted to tracks,and have seen a few pictures,but nothing like the pictures that you have shown…I also understand you have some manuals for other old JOHN DEERES…I have several unstyled tractors and would be interested in purchasing manuals fir them…I don’t know what you have,but I would like to visit with you and see what you have ava

    • Ted E. says:

      Hi Bruce,
      Thank you for your interest in my site. Sorry I took so long to reply to you message. Out running around getting ready for Thanksgiving. All the manuals I have are FREE to download from the Stories, Brochures and Manuals page on my site. Do you have a Lindeman Crawler?

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