Lindeman – Serial Numbers

First and last serial numbers also the numbers of the
Lindeman BO Crawlers that we have located.

Starting Serial Numbers by Year

BO Page 1 26109 (5-2-36) through 333859 (8-30-44)
BO Page 2 333860 (9-1-44) through 335788 (12-14-45)
BO Page 3 335797 (1-8-46) through 336350 (6-28-46)
BO Page 4 336360 (7-15-46) through 337345 (1-15-47)
GPO Page 5 GP 209162 (7-26-29 – GPO 1499 (7-18-30)
through GP 404058 (3-9-31) – GPO 15706 (4-1-35)

Crawler Location Map This gives a visual perspective of the Lindeman Crawler locations from the pages above.

Please share your serial number with the world!  E-mail me or go to the contact page, fill out the form with your name, address, (phone number, photo not required but helpful) and I will add it to our list of surviving BO Lindeman Crawlers. When you submit your serial number, I will ship to you free of charge a copy of The Lindeman Story and Beyond DVD  along with a certificate with any information we have on your Lindeman Crawler (i.e., ship date from John Deere and any previous owners that I have listed in the archives).