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Thank you for making me feel that it is worth my time and effort to keep this site going, there has been over 100 hits on the old sites per month since I started tracking it at the end of  July 2012. This new site with all the added information and photos I have added, I am sure there will be something for everyone.  I have added a lot of photos to the History and Implement pages, most of which were taken by Jesse Lindeman himself.  I have all these photos and am trying to share them with everyone that is interested in the Lindeman Crawler and family.  There is very little commentary on the pages right now, I will be adding more photos and commentary to the pages as time goes by. Click on any of the photos and they will take you to a new page with the same type of photos or take you to a enlarged version of that photo. On the new page click the photo and it will take you to a full size rendition, the photos are as I scanned them, as I get time they will be replaced with retouched ones along with commentary. Click your back button and it will take you back to the point your were at to continue.

If you have any comments leave them and I will try to give you the best answer I can.  Please click the comment link at the top of the page, telling me what you would like to see.  As I update any of the pages  I will post what I have done to keep you informed.

Thank you again for visiting the Lindeman Archives Site.
Ted E. Adams

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  1. Don Thomason says:

    I am trying to find my late Father’s 1946 John Deere Lindemann tractor. He bought it new from Tonasket Feed and Implement in Tonasket, WA right after WW II was over and you could buy steel things again He traded it off in 1950 for a new Farmall H tractor at Hank & Howard ‘s in Okanogan, WA. Does anyone have this antique tractor, or did it go for scrap somewhere?

  2. Dave Heck says:

    I just read through the History pages – thanks for your efforts to capture this information and sharing it. I found it a very interesting read – there’s much more to the Linderman story than I could have imagined.

  3. Faye Smody says:

    My late husband, Frank Smody bought BO Lindeman Crawler, Serial number 335649, in 2013. I do not know who he purchased it from or where. I think it was Ohio or Indiana. Your list has a Bob Smyth Portland Or for this serial number. I don’t know much about my tractor and would like to know more. This tractor will be on display as the featured tractor for the annual Harvest Festival in Corning Arkansas on October 22, 2016.

    • Ted E. says:

      Sorry to hear that your husband passed away. The only information I have on your Lindeman is the date it was shipped to Yakima to be made into the crawler it is today and the it once belonged to Bob Smythe. If you will send me your mailing address I will send you a certificate of registration with that information along with a DVD of the Lindeman Story and Beyond for shearing your information with me. I will also change the serial number page with your name instead of Bob Smythe’s. Let me know if you want your name or your husbands or both on the certificate. You can send the information to lindemanbo@yahoo.com

  4. Terry Laible says:

    I just purchased #333822 from a guy in OR. I live in Washburn IL. It is in pretty good shape, He told me he got it from a guy in Ca. I’m fixing a few things on it, and will show it this summer at local events. Looking for a 2 bottom plow, maybe blade with hydraulics also. Thanks for having this nice site.

    • Ted E. says:

      Congratulation on becoming a Lindeman owner. If you will send me your mailing address I will send you a certificate with any information I have on your Lindeman, along with a DVD of the Lindeman Story and Beyond.

  5. Darren Sasse says:

    Hi Ted,
    My name is Darren I am from a Australia and live in a small town called Goulburn. I have been interested in vintage tractors since I was a kid especially crawlers. I recently purchased a bo lindeman so I would like to send you through the serial number for your archives. You have a great site here keep up the good work.

    Best Regards Darren.

    • Ted E. says:

      Hi Darren,

      I will be happy to add you and your Lindeman to the serial # list and map. Please send me your mailing address along with the serial # and I will send you a certificate with any information I have on it along with a DVD of the Lindeman Story and Beyond.

    • Jack Hussey says:

      Hi Darren I don’t know if you will ever get this note or not. I just wanted to tell you that I sent a JD Lindeman to Bob Lukins in Australind West Australia 6233 last summer from here in Florida USA I hope you can meet Bob some time as he and Joan are the finest people that ever lived. I hope to hear back from you. Thanks Jack

      • Ted E. says:

        I received this comment on my site today but I am not Darren. I would like to know more about the Lindeman (serial #, address, name and address of new owner) that you sent to Australia. Ted E. Adams – Lindeman Archives

      • Darren Sasse says:

        Hi jack i just noticed your message i know Bob lukins i actually bought my bo lindeman off him he was telling me that he was looking at another one in the USA and was in the process of shipping it.

  6. Eric Bauer says:

    Ted, Just happened to visit the serial # list and see the pic I sent you is on there but it is still listed under the PO name. My Lindy is 337162 and I purchased it from Jon last year. I am in Hamburg NY. Just thought I would drop you a note so the list can be corrected at your leisure.
    Great site and thanks again for the certificate.
    Eric Bauer

    • Ted E. says:

      Thanks Eric for the reminder. I have corrected the page. I must of been having one of those senior moment’s. As they say a bad excuse is better then no excuse. Thanks again Ted

  7. Howard Yoder says:

    I really appreciate your efforts you have a great site Thank You

  8. Ron Barker , 13-52328 , Highway 21 , Sherwood Park , Alberta , Canada , t8b-1j9 says:

    Good Morning , I was wondering how to go about submitting my serial number for my BO Lindeman so as it could be included in your records , I recently purchased serial number 336701 and retrieved it from Colby Wisconsin just last week, I would love to be included in you record book and look forward to meeting more crawler collectors, I would be happy to pay for the certificate that you prepare , Please contact me via email or telephone 928-706-4040 cell or 780-416-4040 thanks again Ron

    • Ted E. says:

      Hi Ron,
      Congratulation on becoming a Lindeman owner. I will add your name and town to serial # list. If you have the name of the person you bought your Lindeman from and want me to I will include it on the certificate, I have no previous owners listed for it. I will hold off printing it until I hear back from you. I will be including a DVD of the Lindeman Story and Beyond when I mail it out. There is not charge for the certificate or DVD but all donations are welcome to cover the coat of supply’s.

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