Thank you, Thank you and again Thank you

Hi everyone and THANK YOU AGAIN,
I just wanted to thank you for making my day again, knowing that my efforts of trying to keep you informed about the Lindeman Crawler and Equipment hasn’t been for nothing, according to the counter on my site it has had over 20,001 visitors as of September 10, 2017.  In less then two years (23 months) the visitors have increased by 5,000. This means that there has been a lot more that have visits then the counter shows.  I am very sure that you have been back more then ones and I thank you for that, I hope it has been informative. You may what to visit us on Facebook at JD Lindeman Crawler.  It is a group for JD Lindeman Crawler enthusiasts like you to show your Lindeman and Lindeman Equipment, write posts, share photographs, and problem solve with one another.

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