Ted Color Caicture DrawingHi everyone and THANK YOU,

I just wanted to thank you for making my day, knowing that my efforts of trying to keep you informed about the Lindeman Crawler and Equipment hasn’t been for nothing, according to the counter on my site it has had over 15,000 visitors as of October 18th 2015.  I started this version of the site in early spring 2013, added the counter in September of that year.  This means that there have been a lot more that have visited then the counter shows.  I am very sure that you have been back more then ones and I thank you for that I hope it has been informative.
I am wanting to let you know that I am getting long in the tooth (OLD to all of the younger Lindeman enthusiast).  I am trying to pay ahead for the site to be up about a year after I am unable to maintain it any more.  I haven’t found anyone to take over the task and expenses of it yet.  If there are any photos that you want a digital copy of let me know at lindemanbo@yahoo.com and I will add them to the Downloadable Photos page so you and anyone else can download them at no cost to you.  I have only added a few photos that you can download, download one to see if it good enough quality for you and then tell me which ones you would like to be added to the page.  I hope that you will take advantage of this before they are LOST TO THE WORLD.


Sketch by Jim Lisk

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  1. Candace Brown says:

    Hello Ted,

    What a great thing you have done by creating this archive! This is such a wonderful resource for all of us who care about preserving the Lindeman history.

    Thank you!

    Candace Brown
    West Coast Editor
    Antique Power Magazine

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